Do they know it’s Christmas? Thousands will file tax returns on Christmas Day

Over 2,000 business owners submitted Self Assessment tax returns to HMRC on Christmas Day last year

More than 2,000 people spent Christmas Day submitting their online tax returns to HM Revenue and Customs last year.

A total of number of 2,044 business owners proved the adage that you never get a day off when you run your own business, as they spent the holiday finishing the essential admin last Christmas Day. Last year’s figures were a record, up 13% from the previous year.

Traditionally the busiest filing time on Christmas Day is just before lunch, from midday to 1pm.

For anyone missing the 31st January deadline, HMRC will automatically issue a £100 penalty, and will charge interest on any unpaid tax. You may also be able to ask HMRC to waive your penalty, if you have what they consider a “reasonable excuse” for not filing your return.

Meanwhile, 600 people rang the new year in by submitting their tax return between midnight and 10am on New Year’s Day.



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