UK among least corrupt countries, according to global watchdog

The UK has emerged as the tenth least corrupt country in the world, according to the latest Transparency International report.

The tenth place ranking, which the UK shares with Germany and Luxembourg, comes as the three countries have been awarded a score of 81. Regular high-achiever Denmark, which heads the list again, has a score of 90.

“In too many countries, people are deprived of their most basic needs and go to bed hungry every night because of corruption, while the powerful and corrupt enjoy lavish lifestyles with impunity,” said Transparency International chair José Ugaz.

Further down the list, the US occupies 18th position, Ireland 19th, France 23rd and Russia 131st. Bottom of the table is Somalia, with a score of just 10. The global average is 43, and there is a strong link between corruption and inequality.

“The interplay of corruption and inequality also feeds populism,” Transparency International reports. “When traditional politicians fail to tackle corruption, people grow cynical. Increasingly, people are turning to populist leaders who promise to break the cycle of corruption and privilege. Yet this is likely to exacerbate – rather than resolve – the tensions that fed the populist surge in the first place.”

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